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yoga in mykonos

Yoga practice for mind, body, and soul

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Yoga practice for mind, body, and soul


“Yoga is not merely a physical practice for me; it is a profound journey of self-discovery and personal growth.
It is a sacred path that unites the body, mind, and spirit. “


Mikaela Vasileiadi
Meet the teacher

I believe that through dedicated practice, we can tap into our innate potential, embrace our authenticity, and cultivate a harmonious connection with ourselves and the world around us.

This passion for yoga fuels my commitment to sharing its transformative power with others.
In Mykonos, nature and serenity unite to create a truly extraordinary space for your practice.
Our handcrafted deck, built with love and dedication, offers a breathtaking view of the sea, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beauty of the surroundings.

Our services

Experience the healing power of yoga practice


Yoga Island Beach Experience

Imagine an enchanting 3-hour journey that begins with a boat transfer, guiding you across serene waters to the captivating Rinia Island. Press play on the video and let your senses be transported to a world of rejuvenation and relaxation…

From the moment you step aboard, a sense of serenity washes over you, setting the stage for a transformative experience. As you approach the island, you are greeted by the harmonious sounds of nature and the gentle lapping of waves against the shore.

On Rinia Island, you immerse yourself in rejuvenating yoga sessions led by me, your yoga instructor, each movement helping you to let go of stress and recharge your spirit. With every breath, you feel a deeper connection to the world around you, surrendering to the flow of life and the rhythm of the sea. This sacred practice allows you to discover a new, revitalized version of yourself.

Amidst this serene backdrop, you connect with the mystical energy of nearby Delos, an island steeped in ancient history and spiritual significance. This energy resonates within you, awakening a profound sense of vitality and purpose. You feel it coursing through your body and heart, opening you up to the positive changes that lie ahead. By the end, you have not only recharged physically and emotionally but also tapped into a deeper understanding of yourself and the world. You leave Rinia Island with a renewed spirit, ready to embrace life’s journey with a fresh perspective and a heart full of gratitude.


Kind words from our clients

“I’ve practiced yoga for years, but nothing compares to the Hatha Yoga class at Mykonos. I left feeling stronger both physically and mentally.”



Our couple session with you was an unforgettable experience. Bonding and Loving! Remember we will meet on Zoom! We want more 😝🙏

Couple Session

Mat, Uk

Love it Love it Love it!

We choose the premium package and it was perfect!!! Love the ability to chose the songs -all the single ladies-!Mikaela we truly thank you, we will never forget this event! Bridal Bracelets!

Bridal Yoga for Ussss

Claudie Crew

“I’ve taken yoga classes all over the world, but none compare to the experience I had with you, Thank you!! Her deep understanding of yoga philosophy and anatomy shines through in every class. A true yogi.”


from Cape Town

“My bridal yoga session was an absolute highlight of my bachelorette weekend!!! Between the chaos of wedding planning, dancing and drinking at Mykonoooss, a superb Yoga session, left me feeling centered and calm. We had so much fun and magically balance my hormones, leaving me feeling radiant and ready for the big day. A Must!! You need to try it! Namaste Teacher!!”


from Los Angeles, USA

“Mikaela’s beach yoga session was incredible! With waves crashing nearby, she led our big group through a rejuvenating practice that left us feeling refreshed and connected. It was the perfect way to start our day at the beach!”


from Paris, France

“I’ve practiced yoga for years, but Mikaela’s Yoga Nidra class took my practice to a whole new level. Her calming presence and expert guidance led me on a journey of deep relaxation and self-discovery. I left feeling centered and profoundly at peace.”

Mia, France

“Thank you, Mikaela, for the amazing beach yoga session! Your guidance helped me find inner peace amidst the beauty of nature. Can’t wait to join you again next year for another transformative experience.”

Jackie, Canada

Yoga has truly transformed my life, both physically and mentally. The classes offered by Mikaela Yoga Studio have been exceptional, providing a perfect blend of challenge and relaxation. It made me more flexible after 1 year of practicing. I am really grateful for the positive impact yoga has had on my overall well-being. Stress Reduction & Self-Acceptance. Through reflection during practice, I have discovered more about myself, my strengths, and areas for growth. Also, regular yoga practice has improved my strength, flexibility, and balance.


Civil Engineer, Egypt

I like yoga but mostly I love my yoga instructor. I know that I am not the most motivated student, however I see and I completely feel each session’s benefits. The real transformation for me is that I manage to feel calm, with a peaceful body and mind.


Sales Executive, Mykonos

Yoga Studio Mikaela’s in Mykonos has been a sanctuary for my heart and soul. From the moment I walked in, the serene ambiance and breathtaking views embraced me like a warm hug. Mikaela’s gentle guidance and caring approach made me feel safe to explore and grow in my practice. It’s not just a studio; it’s a community that embraces and supports each other’s journeys of self-discovery. It’s a place where I’ve found peace, healing, and renewed strength. Thank you from my heart <3


a truly extraordinary space for your practice

Join us in our enchanting outdoor yoga studio in Mykonos